Congregational Conversations

As part of the process of calling a new pastor, we have engaged in a discernment process to learn more about who we are as a congregation, what we believe God is calling us to here in Bedford, and what we can be doing to engage people with the Gospel. Part of that discernment process is a series of small group discussions that we're calling Congregational Conversations.

We'll be posting the presentation materials we use for those discussions on this page, as the conversations happen. Check back here for updates!

  • June 24 - What does our world look like? What is it becoming?

    Our first conversation was focused on our situation with regard to the world around us. Our society is changing rapidly, and it's not always clear how to engage the world with the Gospel in a way that makes sense to the people we're trying to reach. In this discussion, we attempted to define "the world" in relation to LCS. Who are we trying to reach? To whom are we ministering? What does "the world" around us look like?


  • July 15 - What are we good at? What do we need to do better?

    Our second conversation was focused on identifying what our congregation does well and what we could do better. To do this, we used a framework called SWOT analysis to look at LCS's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that we face as a congregation. By understanding where we are now, we can more clearly think about where we want to be in the future and start moving in that direction.


  • August 5 - Why are we here? What is our singular purpose?

    In our third conversation, we began to think and dream about what might, can, and should be. By looking at our passions, what we possess, and the problems God is calling us to solve, we can begin to understand where these things line up and where we can find opportunities for kingdom-focused sustainable ministry.


  • August 26 - What does victory look like? How will we know?

    In our fourth and final conversation in this series, we looked at a list of things we should be celebrating on our journey, and brainstormed some ways to celebrate when those things happen. It turns out that both of these things all come from our mission and our vision - we celebrate when God works through us to reach others, and we celebrate in ways that honor God and encourage others.

    Resources: Presentation Materials